State of the art R&D Center



    Laxmi has an innovation centre with state-of-the art infrastructure. Our research centre is accredited by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research India.

    Over the years, our scientists have developed numerous and cost-effective processes for intermediates of several well-known APIs, agrochemicals and pigments.

    Our focus on innovation is complemented by our execution capabilities. We have developed strong R&D process engineering skills, which allow us to convert lab-developed technologies in to multi-kilogram scale up and commercialization in a systematic and skilful manner.

    Our contract development capabilities comprise of co-development of processes, process optimizations, technology transfer and development of pipeline products. We are also involved in a range of value-adding research activities, both in-house as well as in collaboration, co-development and joint venture. We also offer custom synthesis of Diketene Derivative Chemicals and Crop and Life Science Intermediates. Owing to our deep expertise in research and development, we are able to provide high-end analytical services, REACH compliant data, long-term stability studies and method development.


    Our strong innovation capabilities are backed by our state-of-the-art infrastructure. We routinely assess our research infrastructure to make sure they are at par with global best practices. Our innovation centers feature advanced laboratory equipment, along with a robust technical infrastructure for the discovery and development of new intermediates.

    We use modern analytical instruments for minute and accurate quality analysis of products.

    Our manufacturing assets have the capability to handle reactions across a broad range of temperatures, ranging from 700°C to -25°C. Our ample refrigeration capacity (more than 2000 Tr) enables us to handle large volumes of refrigeration loads.

    Our other specialised skills include safe and effective handling of ethylene oxide under pressure, chlorination in cryogenic conditions, esterification, reactive distillation, catalytic oxidations, and more.

  • Reaction Capabilities
  • R&D Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Capabilities
    • 01
      Ketene Synthesis
    • 02
      Diketene Synthesis
    • 03
    • 04
      Chlorination and Thiolation
    • 05
    • Reactive Distillation
    • Esterification
    • Catalytic Oxidation
    • Homogenous Catalyst
    • Air Oxidation
  • Unique Diketene Technology
  • Unique Diketene Technology

  • Diverse & Integrated Acetylations
  • Diverse & Integrated Acetylations

Approved by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India.
Key areas of research include: Life Science, Crop Sciences and Industrial Specialties.
Offering contract research and development on various chemistries.
R & D department is equipped with lab-scale and pilot-scale units, supported with excellent in-house analytical capabilities.
2 Torr Vacuum &
Azeotropic Distillation
700º C to -25º C
Pipestill Reactors
Refrigeration Capacity
exceeds 2000 Tr
Pressure Swing
Multiple Moc for
reactors and columns
Infrastructure Capabilities