Business Segments

  • Acetyl Intermediates


    • Solvents

    • Aldehydes

    Our Acetyl Intermediates unit produces a wide range of acetyl products, including Bulk Solvents and Aldehydes. Our acetyl products have applications in diverse industries such as pharmaceutical formulations, printing inks, adhesives, coatings. The combination of deep industry knowledge, an unwavering commitment to innovation, and a continuous focus on excellence has made Laxmi a leading producer of Acetyl Intermediates.

  • Speciality Intermediates


    • Diketene derivatives

    • Esters

    • Amides

    • Arylides

    We are a leading manufacturer of Speciality Intermediates such as Ketene & Diketene derivatives including Esters, Amides and Arylides. Our high quality speciality intermediates have applications in healthcare, synthesis and manufacturing of agrochemicals, pigments, and more. Our high quality of products and a constant focus on innovation have made us a widely respected name in speciality intermediates.

Emerging Chemistries

Emerging chemistries refer to new chemistries, which can have a substantial impact on the world in future years.

Laxmi is always on the lookout for customer-specific and market-driven emerging chemistries. With deep technical knowledge in the fundamental principles of chemistry and a proven track record of delivering high quality solutions to global clients, Laxmi is uniquely positioned to adopt emerging chemistries.

Our new chemistries find applications for our existing client segments as well as other high potential sectors like food, electronics and more.