Business Units

  • Essentials

    • Esterification

    • Acetylation

    We are a lean & reliable supplier in the Essentials Business with wide range of products including bulk solvents and Aldehydes. This businesses addresses a large market > USD 12 billion.

    The combination of deep industry knowledge, and a focus on cost leadership has made Laxmi a leading producer of essential products. Our acetyl products have applications in diverse industries such as pharmaceutical formulations, printing inks, adhesives, coatings.

  • Specialties

    • Ketene / Diketene

    • Fluorination

    Laxmi has constantly positioned to adopt to emerging chemistries. We have innovated and given global solutions through world class technology platforms in the Specialties. We serve customer-specific and market-driven emerging chemistries and have an addressable market > USD 3.5 billion.

    Our supreme quality products like Ketene & Diketene derivatives including Esters, Amides and Arylides made us a respected name in specialty intermediates and the foray into the fluorospecialty chemical business gives us the leverage to diversify and embark on the journey of profitable growth.